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Offsets are the "Net" in Net-Zero
(But not all offsets are created equal)

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Our team of sustainability, strategic and brand management experts provide strategic guidance to ensure that your carbon offset portfolio evolves with your brand strategy and risk appetite as it changes over time.

Given the changing social and political landscape, sustainability managers and risk managers need to constantly test whether their carbon offsets are an asset or a liability to the organisation.

CarbonAbility works with leading companies to ensure that their portfolio of carbon offsets is a valuable asset now and into the future. By working with CarbonAbility, organisations can avoid the pitfalls of unintentionally investing in offsets that have negative impacts on the environment and society and attract adverse publicity.

Well designed carbon offsets will provide significant co-benefits (e.g., biodiversity, employment opportunities) that can support a more holistic approach to sustainability beyond addressing climate change.


To ensure the integrity of our advice, CarbonAbility Pty Ltd is not directly involved in the purchase or supply of carbon offsets.



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Carbon insetting

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