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Supporting your sustainable offset portfolio

CarbonAbility will guide your organisation to review and develop its carbon offset portfolio in response to changes in social, political and scientific knowledge. We work with sustainability, brand, procurement and risk managers to ensure that your offset portfolio is an asset and not a liability to your sustainability journey.

CarbonAbility’s role is to assist the client



CarbonAbility’s role

Provide independent advice to offset buyers to ensure that their offset portfolio is an ongoing strategic asset.

Carbon offset buyers

Buy carbon credits to offset their own emissions or the emissions of their customers and suppliers

Carbon brokers, retailers
and exchanges

Facilitate market transactions of certified credits

Carbon offset project developers

Design and deliver carbon offset projects

Independent auditors

Confirm compliance with recognised standards for carbon credits

National and international programs/schemes

Establish recognised standards for carbon credits and track certified credit projects credits.

Our advice is technical and marketing related and does not constitute financial product advice. We are not involved in the purchase or supply of carbon offsets.

Our services can be tailor-made to your needs and include the following:

Stakeholder priorities
Health check
Review and re-value
Portfolio design
Due diligence
Carbon insetting
Negotiation support
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